An Example of Email Ad Copy

Ms. Bonner and I are working on getting our messages out.  How do you do that?  How do people get their writing and voices heard?  There are literally millions of websites.  There are thousands of podcasts.  I would guess that there are hundreds of thousands of youtube channels.

So how do you get heard?

One of the techniques that Bob Bly and Tom Woods talk about is having an email list.  This is one of the things we will do here.  Below is a sample email I’ll use to send and get people involved.

Yes, email works.  Once you get into your 20’s email will be a key part of your life.  Social media is big, but email is massive in the adult world.  The people who are making money online swear by it.  That’s why it’s on my to do list: build and email list.

Here’s a sample of a test email I’ll send:


I’ve been teaching high school English for 20 years now.  You might think I’m always reading Shakespeare, or going to museums – other stuffy activities that those in ‘academia’ are always doing.


I’ve been getting into the world of ecommerce and entrepreneurship.  While learning about this stuff on my own, I see how little we teach, or even speak about this stuff in school.

If school is there to prepare your child for the ‘real world’, then shouldn’t there be some class dedicated to maximize your earning power?  I see precious few of these classes, and our young people are losing out.

Come to and visit me on Facebook for more idea sharing about how you can get your teenager, or yourself if you’re a high schooler, into the world of ecommerce and general entrepreneurship.

Let’s get started.

Douglas Marolla

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