Introduction to Greek Mythology

Thematic trends and the Human Condition in the Greek Myths.

Now that we’ve looked at the Mystery Schools and the Osirian Cycle, we will explore Greek Mythology and soon read “The Odyssey”.

We will be using this video as it has a lot of information and great imagery. It covers all the basic origin stories and areas of Greek Myths. TODAY we will look at only the first 5:42.

I would like you to pay particular attention to certain parts and concepts. Even though we are talking about Greek Gods, they have human emotions / flaws like jealousy, envy, lust, and greed.  

In preparation for The Odyssey, watch the first 5 minutes and 42 seconds and then answer the following:

  1. Why do you think, if these are Gods, they have very human form and human emotions like greed and jealousy? Shouldn’t they be above that?
  2. Why is the idea of sacrifice so common when it comes to the Gods? 
  3. At 2:43, the narrator talks about Poseidon.  Who is he and what is he in charge of?
  4. At 3:38 he talks about The Underworld.  What do you have to get past?  Why do you think it’s so difficult to get in?


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