‘The Odyssey: Midterm Assessment

For this exam you’ll have the double period to complete it.  When you’re done you’ll have written 3 detailed, thoughtful, high school appropriate paragraphs.

For each of the 3 pieces of literature, read and answer the question with a well written, detailed, developed and thoughtful paragraph.

  1. Epic Poetry: “The Lotus Eaters”: Please explain what happened when Odysseus and his crew landed on the Island of the Lotus Eaters.  What do those people do all day?  What happened to the crewmembers who went to explore?  What modern day parallel is there to the Island of the Lotus eaters?

 2. Poetry: “Calypso”, by Suzanne Vega: After reading the poem, cite 2 or more phrases / lines / words that connect to the part of the story with Calypso we read and saw in class, as well as how they connect.  Explain some of the emotions, or the tone of the poem.

  3. Nonfiction: “Troy: It casts a Spell”: Explain the process that Heinrich Schliemann used to search for, discover, and excavate the city of Troy.  Do you think he found it? Explain.

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