The Odyssey – The Trojan War and Poseidon’s Anger

Today is dedicated to another introductory segment of the Epic Poem “The Odyssey”.  

Today’s section is 13:33 to 25:50.  We will analyze the following parts in class via zoom:

  • The Trojan war and the Death of Hector (13:35).
  • A look at what’s going on in Ithaca (16:51).
  • No surrender – we can TRICK them with the Trojan Horse (18:10).
  • The plan works – Attack! (23:19).
  • Odysseus arrogance / pride enrages Poseidon! (25:00)

There are many messages inherent in “The Odyssey”, and they are introduced early.  Odysseus, using his intellect, created a strategy for winning a 10 year long war.  Conversely, he lets his ego run rampant and takes all the credit, stating that he needs no one, including the Gods.  This concept repeats during the story.  Think about this aspect of the Human Condition.

Start at 13:33 and go to 25:50:

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