The Cyclops – Danger and Deception

Today we will analyze the text and look over the video of Odysseus and his crew in the Cyclops’ cave.  There are a few key points / concepts to analyze.


  • Odysseus’ curiosity got him stuck in Polyphemus’ cave 
  • The Cyclops is monstrous and dangerous 
  • Homer constantly stresses that a ‘thoughtful solution’ is necessary 
  • Odysseus thinks quickly and lies to the Cyclops about his boat’s location

Due TodayReading 4 pages “The Cyclops’ Cave”. Answer the following 4 questions please. Use complex sentences and proof from the video and or text.

  1. Cyclops goes to sleep and Odysseus DOES NOT kill him – why?  
  2. The Cyclops is not afraid of Zeus or the other gods – why not?
  3. Why is Odysseus constantly touted as ‘smart’, and does this make him the exception to the rule? 
  4. What purpose do Odysseus’ lies and deceptions serve while he speaks with the Cyclops?

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