The Odyssey Part I Exam

Today we’ll finish part I of the Odyssey.

After watching 1:20:12 to 1:31:14, please follow the directions for the following exam:

Choose any 5 Quiz questions – open book – 50 points 

  1. Explain how the Trojan War began and why. (pgs 741 – 742) 
  2. How did the Greeks get into the city of Troy and win the war? (743) 
  3. Who are: Poseidon, Hermes, Zeus, Athena, and Calypso? (747 – 748) 
  4. What two major facts are mentioned on the 1st page of the Odyssey? (751) 
  5. Describe how Odysseus was able to leave Calypso’s Island prison. (753 – 754) 
  6. Describe the plan that Odysseus used to escape from Cyclops’ cave.  (Quote from the story) 
  7. Who is Circe and what does she do to Odysseus’ men?  How does he avoid her spell? (Quote from the story) 
  8. Explain the peaceful, but dangerous ‘Island of the Lotus Eaters’. (Quote from the story) 
  9. Should Penelope continue to wait for Odysseus, or should she give up and find someone else?  Both Odysseus and her mother in law have told her to ‘move on’. Explain your answer with reason and evidence. 

Each answer needs details and explanations that effectively respond to the question.  When you’re done you’ll have written around 5 paragraphs.

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