Part 1 of The Odyssey Text Ends – The Crew Messes up AGAIN

Learning Target:  Part I of The Odyssey ends.

UPDATEHelios, the sun god, has cattle.  Odysseus’ crew is told by Odysseus (via Tieresias) NOT to touch them.  Because the crew is hungry, they respond to how they feel (they kill and eat cattle) and not what they know (that messing with the cattle is a death sentence).  Reading – p. 784 to 786

Answer please (30 points):

  1. Why do they act this way? 
  2. Why don’t people listen to common sense? 
  3. How does this parallel the fiasco with the WInd God, where they opened the bag of wind? 

So Far: 

Odysseus has overcome: The Cyclops, The Sirens – irresistible ‘songs’ that trap sailors, Scylla and Charybdis – monsters who devour sailors and ships, The Lotus Eaters – drugged out people who lack volition. TOMORROW: “Coming Home”

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