DEATH at the Palace!

Learning Target: The important themes in The Odyssey play out in the end. 

Story Update: As The Odyssey ends we see: 

  • Penelope – intelligence over physical strength, particularly with her choice of challenge for the suitors. 
  • Odysseus – strategizing and disguising in order to WIN. 
  • Athena – providing guidance and wisdom 

 Answer: (20 points): If you were to tell someone what The Odyssey is about, its message, or its theme, what would you tell that person?  Write a short paragraph please.

Death at The Palace – today – guess how all of these plans will end. 

Endnotes and discussion:  

  • Penelope weaves a tapestry, and uses it as an excuse to delay her decision making.  How does this foreshadow her ‘weaving’ a plan to rid herself of the suitors and Odysseus ‘weaving’ a plan to return? 
  • There is a physical challenge presented to the suitors – what might this represent – reflect on practices of older cultures. 
  • Argos is barely alive.  He is so fiercely loyal that as soon as he senses the return of his master, he promptly dies.  He holds out for 2 decades.  Think about the symbolism
  • What is the message / theme in the amazing loyalty of the family?  What might this part of the story try to impart on young people? 

Video: 1:17:04 – END



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