How does Jack London use foreshadowing?

Learning Target: How does Jack London use foreshadowing?

Answer (10 points): Which is more valuable / effective:

  • Instinct (the Husky dog) – OR – The Man, who has reason but ‘lacks imagination’. Explain your opinion in a few sentences. It’s the dog’s instinct vs. the man’s reason.  Which is better in this situation?

Make sure you’ve read the first four pages of the story, or listened to the first 10 minutes.  The links are in yesterday’s assignment.  Thank you.

Please copy these Notes in your English Class notebook:

  • Author – Jack London
  • Setting – Alaska, in winter. Snow / cold / dangerous
  • Conflict – Man vs. Nature
  • The main character is alone, except for a dog ‘companion’.
  • The main character is alone, isolated.
  • The author notes that the man ‘lacks imagination’.

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