How does Jack London use the setting of the story to create the tone?

Learning Target: How does Jack London use the setting of the story to create the tone?

Do Now:

·       “It certainly was cold

·       “He would have to build a fire

·       “The numbness in his cheeks and fingers surprised him

·       Answer: Why does the author repeat these things? What is the purpose? (10 points)


Please listen to the next 10 minutes of the story “To Build a Fire”

Or read pages 5-8 here:

  • Alaska – 49th state “Seward’s Folly”
  • Yukon territory – northern tundra – frozen earth
  • Resources: Gold, oil, timber = %bodylt;/span>
  • Demands rigorous survival skills
  • Winter – dark all day
  • Summer – light all night
  • Winter Solstice in Alaska – Fairbanks – time lapse video of a ‘day’ in two minutes. The sun barely rises above the horizon.

Winter Solstice in Alaska:

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