To Build a Fire – 5 questions graded Exam: (50 Points)

“To Build a Fire” – Written assessment. Please use the text for evidence, write clearly and with detail and thought. These questions are a mix of opinion and fact from the short story.  Here is a short review video of the story if you wish to prepare. 

1)     What / who killed ‘The Man’? Be descriptive and specific, provide evidence and explain the cause of The Man’s death

2)     In your opinion, why does London NEVER give the man or the dog a name? What do you think the reason for this is?

3)     Describe the significance of ‘The Old Timer from Sulphur Creek’. What does he, in your opinion, represent? Why is he mentioned multiple times?

4)     At the end of the story, the dog lives and the man dies. Explain how a lower order of animal survives the ordeal and the man, who is able to reason, does not.

5)     In your opinion, what is the message behind “To Build a Fire”? In other words, what lessons or ideas to you think Jack London was trying to get across by writing this story?

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