“How Much Land Does a Man Need?” – The Turning Point

One of the staples of Literature is the ‘turning point’.  “The turning point of a narrative work is its point of highest tension and drama, or it is the time when the action starts during which the solution is given.

At this stage in the story Pahom makes a big choice.  He goes for it all.  He goes waaaaayy out to the Bashkir’s land to get as much land as he wants.  And the price is amazing – 1000 rubles (Russian dollars) a day!!

Please read parts 5 (V) and 6 (VI) of the story here: https://www.online-literature.com/tolstoy/2738/ The youtube read aloud will be below.

This is an even better deal than Pahom had ever seen before.  Please answer the following 3 questions as you predict:

  1. Explain, in your own words, this somewhat crazy deal the Bashkirs are offering Pahom.
  2. What is the ‘catch’ as this deal sounds too good to be true.
  3. There is a saying: “If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true”. Is that right?  Is the saying correct? Explain, using your knowledge and experience.

Listen from 18:24 to 25:49


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