“How Much Land Does a Man Need?” – Using characterization

Today we will look at the idea of characterization, and how do writers use characterization to lead a character along the plot.

Here is a quote from the story: “The devil uses discord (argument) to divide and conquer.”

Example #1: The argument between the two sisters leading to Pahom’s boasting

Example #2. “The Evil One sowed discord and they could not agree” (p.2) => peasant division.

Answer the two questions below using at least one detail from the story and your own thoughts.

1-         How is the Devil’s ability to get people to argue so effective?

2-         Why do people take advantage of arguments / divisions between others?


Read part 3 of the story: https://www.online-literature.com/tolstoy/2738/

while listening to part 3 of the story from 7:34 to 13:08


 Notes for your notebook: So far in the story

–         Pahom has bought a small, but profitable plot of land

–         Peasants could not agree and buy land as a group

–         Pahom is recognizing the benefits of capital savings => ownership

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