“How Much Land Does a Man Need?” – using Figurative Language

Leo Tolstoy introduces and uses figurative language in the story. Sometimes the words he uses don’t literally mean what they say.

Let’s look at Pahom’s choices:  Time to make a DEAL!! Pahom’s choices:

o   125 acres – lots of saving, dealing, bartering, travel.

o   1300 acres, $1500 – ½ now, ½ later via many loans.

o   13,000 acres, $1000 – great land but very far away.

Please answer with some thought and details:

  1. Which deal would you take?
  2. Explain how Pahom’s choice is a rational choice – it is a solid, logical deal.

Read part 4 of the story please: https://www.online-literature.com/tolstoy/2738/

or listen to part 4 here: 13:09 – 18:23


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