Part 7: The Dream

Good morning everyone.  Today is the last day of the marking period.  Many of you have done very well.

There isn’t a lot of reading today – only part 7 (VII) of the story.  You can read it here:

In this part of the story he has a really strange dream.  It is filled with metaphors (representation) and suggestions and double meanings.

Please answer the following 3 questions:

  1. Before he goes to sleep, he’s thinking about how much land he’ll get and how much money he’ll make.  Is he jinxing the whole thing by doing that?
  2. In his dream Pahom sees all the people who have randomly come by and given him a better deal, and then it’s a guy with horns and hooved feet.  Can you explain what the author is suggesting please?
  3. Predict how the story will end, especially using evidence from this strange dream.

The Dream Sequence: 25:49 – 28:30

Read it here as well:


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