How Much Land Does a Man Need? Summary Questions TEST

We have reached the end of the Leo Tolstoy story “How Much Land Does a Man Need”.

This assignment is due Wednesday April 28th, as these are the summary questions for “How Much Land Does a Man Need?”  Please read the last 2 parts of the story, Parts 8 and 9 here:


  • Look over the questions, and think about them carefully. Answer any 5 questions – YOU decide.
  • Each question should have a few sentences for an answer, as they have some depth. 
  • Use as much detail as possible please.

You can listen to it here – go to 28:13 all the way to the end:

1)    How much land did Pahom ‘need’? 

2)    A peasant happens to come through (twice!) and explain how he ‘heard’ that there’s a better area to go for MORE LAND. Is this coincidence? Fate? Karma? Something else?

3)    What was the deal the Bashkir’s made with Pahom? Explain the terms.

4)    What were Pahom’s mistakes? Please provide details.

5)    Who or what caused Pahom’s death? Who or what is to blame? Explain clearly. (Pahom, the Devil, Society, the environment…)

6)    Effectively describe Pahom’s desire for LAND.

7)    Describe the supreme IRONY at the end of the story.

8)    What was the deal with Pahom’s dream? Explain what happened during the dream and what it meant.

9)    “How Much Land Does a Man Need is a story about _______?


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