How does character analysis (characterization) help thematic understanding? 2081

Story Review: Key Quote: George Bergeron: “If I tried to get away with it, the other people’d get away with it, and pretty soon we’d be right back to the Dark Ages again, with everybody competing against everybody else.” 

Today: 1) Watch the short film, “2081”, and 2) the supplemental video: “Should People Resist Oppression?”

Please answer the 2 following questions (20 points)

  1. Why are people (George) afraid of or having a negative opinion of ‘competition’? “Competition is a sin” – J. D. Rockefeller 
  2. Watch George Bergeron, Harrison’s father, during the video version “2081”.  He is allowing himself to be held back (handicapped).  Is he doing the right thing by following these 2081 laws?

We will write a review tomorrow of the short film “2081”

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