Non-Fiction – Privacy Today and in 2081

Learning Target: How the idea of being ‘watched’, like in “Harrison Bergeron”, makes people self-regulate and control their own behavior. 

George Bergeron, and most of the people in “Harrison Bergeron” and “2081” are afraid to take of their handicaps and be free and unequal.  They feel that they are being watched, and their handicaps transmit and sound an alarm if they are removed.

Review the short film “2081” and the short story and then answer (20 points):

  • How does the idea of being watched, and the fact that the government will know, make people control themselves and limit their behavior?  Use the ideas about the importance of privacy in the Glenn Greenwald video below.  Also think about the Panopticon video we saw the other day.

George getting zapped – keeping him from his intelligence and memories:

Harrison removes his handicaps – sounds an alarm:

Video: Glenn Greenwald explains the importance of privacy: Why Privacy Matters:

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