The Archetype and the Monomyth Cycle

We have discussed Archetypes this year.  The obvious bad guys in” Apocalypto”, the Cyclops in The Odyssey, and Gen. Zaroff in “The Most Dangerous Game”.  Please copy the definition below for your notes:

We have also seen the Monomyth Cycle in the Odyssey, as well as other stories.  Discuss the pattern with some of the other tales we’ve read and analyzed this year – particularly the Odyssey.  

Classwork Due (10 points): LIST 3 archetypical ‘good main characters’, and 3 archetypical ‘bad’ antagonists.

Example: 1) Good: Rainsford ===> Bad: Gen Zaroff

Analyze and Discuss the Monomyth cycle below.  Then we will begin the movie “Runaway Train”, and try to figure out who is the ‘good’ character, and who is ‘bad’.


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