What Can We Learn from Non-Fiction? QUIZ

Learning Target: What life lessons can be gotten from Non-Fiction?

Please answer / react to the article “Master Teacher, Envious System” and the movie “Stand and Deliver”.

30 point QUIZ: Use both sources please – the article and the movie (NFLX & AMZN) – when answering the 3 questions.

  1. Explain what Jaime Escalante was able to do. Describe the process and the difficulties he faced using quotes / evidence / examples from the text.
  2. According to Escalante, what was necessary for high-end learning? What were some of the successful ingredients?
  3. Describe the destructive force of envy presented in the article. How, in your opinion, should Escalante have been treated? (use quotes and evidence from the article please)

Jaime Escalante Tribute:

Jaime Escalante on School, Teachers, and Teaching:

A Newscast About Jaime Escalante’s Life:


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