500 Years Ago the Aztec Empire FELL to Cortes and SPAIN

500 years ago yesterday, August 13th, 1521, everything changed.

The reigning superpower in Central America, the Aztec Empire, fell to Cortes.  It took him around 2 years to do it, and it took his military and political genius, as well as the unheralded engineering genius of Martin Lopez to take town Tenochtitlan, the capital city.  Tenochtitlan is known today as Mexico City.

My introduction to the topic was Victor Davis Hanson’s Carnage and Culture.

It begins like this, and I highly recommend the book:

For a look at the event from the other side, another book I read and recommend highly is The Broken Spears.  The Aztec accounts were not forthcoming until a decade or so later.  This book is a collection of various sources, from the Indigenous side, and is therefore invaluable as an historical perspective:

Because Tenochtitlan (Mexico City) was an island city in the middle of Lake Texcoco, Cortez, with the help of Martin Lopez, wound up winning by using naval power.  It is an incredible story:

Next on my list are the two books by C. Gardner, noted above by VDH in his chapter on the topic.  Martin Lopez carried out what would be considered impossible by many.  
This is the book on the engineering and project management masterpiece that changed the world in which we live:

More difficult to find, but it’s out there, is the book on Martin Lopez himself, by the same author.  I found both on Abe Books:

As the Prometheans work hard to take down all aspects of the west, including basic freedoms and civil rights, it’s important to see why.  When you have a short, poorly schooled but well read man like Hernan Cortes, and an unsung, nearly historically invisible man like Martin Lopez able to change the course of human history, you can see why “They” don’t want a country like these United States, or any country buttressed by Western Culture to exist.

500 years ago the world saw something incredible: a strong and determined Aztec Empire fall.  Analyzing the event’s politics, culture, engineering and personalities is an amazing educational exercise.  It is more necessary now more than ever to study the event, as the Forces who have been battling the Good, the Beautiful and the True are working overtime even as I type this to ruin Western Culture.


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