Animal Farm: BOXER

Prior knowledge and Discussion:

Think about the beginning of the novel, Animal Farm. 

  • What were the goals? 
  • How would the animals live? 
  • Why were they forming a revolution in the first place?

Excerpt: Read and discuss:

Answer in writing please:

  1. Why are the animals working like ‘slaves’?  What does that say about the Farm?
  2. How does the change in the commandments reflect the condition and life conditions on the Farm?


Economic Connection to today:

  1. As late as the early 1980’s, it was easy for Americans to live on one income.  The traditional family unit was economically feasible.  Why is that not possible now? (Critique of Feminism).
  2. What has happened to your money?  Use the chart below to explain what has happened to the American Dollar’s buying power. (Critique of the Federal Reserve – Founded 1913).

BOXER goes down:

Boxer at the end – ready for retirement.


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