Pictures of the Reaction: The Sixth

This post was inspired by the well written Substack post by Alexander Macris.  I have subscribed to his Substack, as well as Matt Taibbi’s and Glenn Greenwald’s.  I recommend all 3.

The gist of the Macri’s article is that the absurd hypocrisy isn’t just stupid, clownish front running; it’s intentional.  The idea to remember is that the mind, particularly the young mind, is fodder for forces who wish to control society.  They cloak their motives with terms like ‘resistance’, ‘fighting oppression’, and ‘truth to power’.

None of those things are legitimate.  It’s a power grab, and your mind is forfeit.

One of the key principles that was reinforced by reading Vox’s blog is that the cuckservative trope of ‘never attribute to malice what can be better explained by stupidity’ is one of the worst bits of fakery.  If the ‘liberals’ are so stupid … why do they keep winning?  For me, it tossed Conservative Inc. into the dustbin forever – no exceptions.

Macri posts key images of this intentional hypocrisy. It isn’t stupidity, as the Conservatives try to. tell us, it’s a Marcusian plan:

There is an antidote to this nonsense.  One of the things to do are to never follow corporate media or their anointed talking heads.  Their job is Narrative maintenance.  It’s better to read and listen to people, even if they’re not politically allied to you.  I listened to this YouTube video recently.  I recommend it:

How many corporate media shills would dare to say what GG is saying?  My guess is zero.  Greenwald has paid a high price.
You should also know that much of the black community isn’t down with the white liberal progressive promethean agenda.  Here are two examples: Eric July going hard on twitter, and the Hotep podcast doing its thing .. it is worth its weight in gold:

Find the voices that are dissenting from Organized Power.  This is a screenshot from a Paul Joseph Watson video.  I’ve linked to his work before, because it contains statements like this:

For those of you who don’t think there’s a ‘Narrative’, I’ll leave you with this.  This was the Narrative 10 months ago.  People followed it. Religiously.  Any mask wearing scaredy cat was a Trump following jerk who was a xenophobic moron.  And you wonder why I have contempt for the brainless Herd:

Teenagers love this kind of thing.  Find like minded adults who do too.

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