The Epic Continues – The Plan Begins

Learning TargetSymbolism and its role in Book 17 of The Odyssey.

Review: “The Beggar and the Faithful Dog”- page 794 – 795 

Argos, Odysseus’ dog, has been waiting for his master for 20 years.  This scene reflects the theme of loyalty throughout the book.  This trait is seen throughout the story.  Think about some other loyal characters.

Classwork:  “Getting angry is easy.  It is better to get angry at the right time, at the right person and for the right reason”.  Odysseus says this to Telemachus, his son. 

  1. Why does he give him this advice? 
  2. Explain how Telemachus shows he listens to his father’s advice. 
  3. In your opinion, is it good advice to follow throughout one’s life?  Explain clearly. 

Reading for today:

Today’s Video – 53:08-1:06:42

Extra related video:

Video – Oberyn Martell vs. Gregor Clegane: Oberyn goes for a smarter approach against the bigger man, and initially it works.  Oberyn’s arrogance (pride) at the end causes his death, after he had the battle won. (View in advance – violent imagery) 

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