Non-Fiction Psychological Connection – the Milgram Experiment

Obedience to Authority – connection to the Milgram Experiment.

George Bergeron is willing to give up his independence because a government official tells him to. How, or why, do people give up and surrender their freedoms and rights to figures of authority? Is the character George realistic?

Figures of authority:

·         Teachers

·         Politicians

·         Government officials

·         Doctors (anyone with a lab coat)

·         Lawyers and judges

·         School officials / administrators

·         Religious leaders

·         Celebrities – Sports and Hollywood

Questions for today (20 points):

  1. Would you electrocute someone with a killing voltage if one of the above people told you to, or suggested you should?
  2. Why do many of us blindly listen to authority?

The Milgram experiment analyzed this question.

Videos for today to help you with your analysis of George Bergeron, and our Obedience to Authority:

The Original Milgram Experiment:

Derren Brown in Britain does a modern version of the Milgram Experiment:

Curiosity: How Evil Are You? | The Milgram Experiment

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